Why Shopping Online is Worth it Every Time

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Is online shopping at Modestiq worth it? Is online shopping safe? Is brick and mortar shopping better than shopping online? WIth the burst of new ecommerce stores popping up every day (including yours truly), questions like these some of the most prominent to shoppers worldwide. We know brick and mortar stores seem to be fighting a losing battle in the retail sector, but for many shoppers, the migration to online ordering and shipping is a scary one, and not one they’re ready to jump into.

Doubts and questions should be met, so we’ve put together a list of some of the most prevalent concerns for online shoppers and have answered them below. If we missed yours, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love hearing from our readers.

Is online shopping at Modestiq worth it?

Of course it depends by what you mean by “worth it”. If by worth it you mean is it worth the money, the waiting for the shipping, and the headache of returning if it doesn’t fit right, then yes, it’s highly worth it. Why?

  • You don’t have to leave your house / bed / work / schedule to order clothing.
  • You likely already know your size, so the odds of you needing to return something (if you bought it from a reputable site) are actually pretty low (approximately 25%).
  • You need the items anyway, the pricing will often be similar, and more often cheaper, online.
  • Usually, waiting for shipping is easier than disrupting your busy life to take the time to go shopping properly, at a brick and mortar location.

The only drawback to ordering online is the inability to get it sooner than 24-48 hours, but if that’s not an issue, waiting a day saves you more money and headache overall.

Is online shopping safe?

This question has more to do with your experience with the internet than the industry. Online shopping is as safe as physically shopping - it’s relative. If you shop in a terrible neighborhood with a high crime rate, your odds of being ripped off / cheated in any way are a lot higher than if you shop at reputable stores.

The same applies to online shopping. If you aren’t savvy enough to recognize shady websites, have a friend help you, or use some of the tips below to identify a risky purchase:

  • If the site is badly / cheaply made; loads far too slowly, poor quality graphics and images, no option to contact.
  • If there are no existing online reviews for the website / no known affiliates.
  • There’s only one payment option.
  • Shipping estimated time is longer than a week, but the site claims to be local.

Like with most things in the world, you must use your resources to ensure your own safety.

Is brick and mortar shopping better than shopping online?

As mentioned above, your experiences will largely depend on your specific needs and knowledge. If you don’t need the items the same day, there’s little to no advantage to shopping in a store, besides for a sensory satisfying one. Also, as long as you have the knowledge of how to discern a shoddy website from a legitimate, reputable one, your experience should be sound and enjoyable.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Modest Maternity Style


If you’re glancing at this post, it’s because you’re expecting and you are trying to figure out WHAT to wear as your body develops OR you’re interested in what’s out there in maternity style.

So first of all, if you’re pregnant, congratulations! Let’s help you figure out your evolving style to figure out your tastes. And if you’re shopping for a friend who isn’t all about showing off and wants to have a more modest maternity by dressing modestly, there are a few do’s and don’ts to expect in expecting fashion:

DO look at soft comfortable clothes in natural fibers

Cotton and linen clothes are going to become some of your favorite fabrics during this period. All of those fabrics can be loose, breathe and stretch for your comfort! The most ideal thing to do is to be able to pick up a few shirts and tops that can mix and match with anything. Look for stylish clothes that are going to grow with you, like some of the ones on our site!

DON’T just wear oversized clothes

It’s very easy for us to think we can just buy the bigger size of whatever we normally wear. However, oversized clothes not only don’t fit well, but they can come across as shapeless or slouchy. We assume that many women expect that most of their clothes will revolve around lots of sweats to accommodate their growing body. But there’s a lot of options out there in maternity clothes, including active sporty wear that flatters and covers an expecting body and is easy to move around in.

DO invest in a pair (or three) in expandable maternity denim jeans

These will generally become your “go to” jeans for most of your pregnancy because not only are they versatile for several situations, but the band of the pants accommodates your developing figure when your body expands. Maternity denim pants designers like Luxe Essentials and Madewell have these different stylish options without sacrificing comfort.

DON’T be afraid of patterns or bold colors

While modest maternity style focuses on keeping you covered for your own comfort, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love patterns or colors! Designers like Carina that have creative designs and Neslihan with full print dresses show that dresses don’t have to be solid colors to keep things interesting. Meanwhile, PinkBlush, with a wonderful selection of floral dresses and maxi dresses has that nearly looks like an inspiration board for your maternity wardrobe!

​Wintery Layering 101 - Layering Modest Clothing


Winter is some of the best times of the year for fashion because that gives us the opportunity to play with layers: mixing and matching jackets with sweaters with shirts with pants. And if you’re worried about modesty, you assume that this is a time where you don’t have to worry about anything because of all those layers!

Except that we don’t want to look like a walking trash heap of clothes that don’t have an iota of style. What are some interesting clothing combinations that seem to work this winter that will keep you from the chill while “looking chill”? Here are a few ideas that we have seen in catalogs and fashion trends for the early part of the year of 2019!

-Hoodie jacket over a cozy top: A hoodie jacket is not just stylish, but very practical when it comes to keeping out the chill. And yes, we adore any item of clothing that has pockets and no one has to think about this twice. But as long as we are thinking layers to keep off the chill, we want to think of the various cozy tops that are coming into trend. Inspired by the new Danish comfort style called “hygge,” which emphasizes comfort and relaxation, clothes like knit cable sweaters and cashmere are on point with the season’s fashions.

-Leggings under skirts: Leggings have the benefit of keeping the legs warm but if you’ve been avoiding them because they are too form fitting to the body, a knit skirt added to the leggings will add more personalized style. This season, most people are wearing darker leggings to make the skirt pop with color or pattern, drawing more emphasis on the skirt go you can go bold in your choice of skirt and not worry about clashing.

-High waisted, flowy pants: One trend that has been rocking the business world is the high waist trouser with wide legs. They flow like a dress when you walk but it is a simple way to make a statement if tight pencil skirts are not your thing. This is often paired with either a loose silk top or even a structured jacket, so wearing an extra long top wouldn't look out of place.

The Best Modest Evening Gown Styles


If you have a modest taste in fashion, then you will know that trying to keep that taste in evening wear is more than a challenge. For decades, it always appears that many fashion houses have styles that show more and more skin, but that’s only if you pay attention to certain parts of social media that are trying to attract people for quick impression likes.

The reality is that in the past few months, fashion magazines like Vogue UK have been covering this as “modest fashion” is not only an increasingly popular search term, but is a multi-billion dollar industry. The idea that modest clothes have to be the equivalent of elongated potato sacks is gone; contemporary clothing places like UniQlo and H&M have been embracing this trend.

What has been trending in modest fashion when you look at contemporary modest evening wear designs in 2019?

Lace evening gowns – It may seem strange that in order for us to talk about what is on trend, we have to go back to the classics and nothing exemplifies that type of refinement than a lace evening gown. Among these, the A-Line dresses with lace embroidery tend to be the most prevalent in soft flowing fabrics like chiffon and tulle and their airiness of those textures give off a romantic feel.

Satin evening gowns – Another look that feels like it comes out of the silver screen era of movies, the scoop neck ball gown satin evening gown is very reminiscent of the “King and I” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The longer the dress, the more dress drama it creates. And if you are tempted to have even more dramatic flair, go for a bit of a train for that regal feel.

Neoprene evening gowns – Neoprene? As in the same material as wetsuits for scuba gear? This is a very daring option for the right person who wants a more sculptural look to their evening gowns. Not every evening dress needs to be flowy and when dealing with modest fashion, some women believe that clothes that cover the body either hang off the body or fit to the body’s form. But with neoprene, it is both comfortable and retains its shape, allowing people to try different silhouettes for that bold new look in modest evening gowns.

Mermaid evening gowns – Mermaids are a popular trend all over the internet and a popular option among modest gowns. For those who feel they want the option of showing a little more of their body’s form but remain covered up completely, the mermaid style gown is the best of both worlds and is even ideal as a pageant dress without needing to be on display.

Modestiq - 6 Ways to Wear White This Winter


Crimes against fashion are on the rise this year, and so we decided to join em. If you can’t beat em…. Right?

Let’s jump into 6 ways to dress in white during the winter, because it’s best to dive right into the most obvious offenses.

  1. Wedding!

Ok, this is a cheap shot, but winter weddings are fab! Of course, anything but white is unforgivable to wear to your own wedding so revel in the fact that you’re compelled to get away with white if your wedding is happening soon. However, off-whites for bridesmaids and family, already a seriously controversial move, is not cool during the winter. Put that away and go for more subdued colors.

  1. Fur

Granted, we can’t all be luxurious belles of the balls, but a little fur (wear faux!) never hurt anybody, and white makes it look all the more luxurious. Regardless of size, any white fur additions to your outfit during the winter are acceptable. It can be a scarf, hat, gloves, cape, or even just a short warmer that goes over your hands. Take it for a spin and gauge the responses you get, you’ll see! Fur goes especially well with leather and knit.

  1. Accessorize

We love white, and we know you do too. Yes, accessories that are white count as wearing white - like scarf and gloves sets? Actually perfect for winter, white accessories help you feel in the mood and groove for snow and biting winds. Wear with your regular winter coat, or do one better and get a white winter coat to match! Just don’t get too matchy-matchy and wear all white under the coat as well.

  1. Boots

Balenciaga didn’t pioneer white boots, though they certainly made it super trendy in 2018. Let’s take it back… and then take it back further. The height of luxury is wearing white - a flawless color - on your feet. Make that boots and you’ve got yourself a truly sophisticated look. Pair it with a striking black outfit and the overall effect is astounding.

  1. Slippers

While they may be restricted to your home use, slippers are a vital part of your wardrobe. Their style and comfort can make or break your evening and mornings home. You should have at least one pair of white slippers, and you bet we’re going to tell you to break them out for the winter! Grace your home with winter colors in whatever subtle ways you can.

  1. Shells

Not all dresses or tops are made equally and we know shells are in frequent rotation. Don’t be shy to pop a white shell on a light outfit on a cold wintery day. It won’t be the biggest breach of fashion sense, and more importantly, it’ll brighten your view!

How are some ways that you wear white this winter?

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Top Trends of the Season 2019


“Trendy is the step before tacky.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion moguls can be harsh in their critique of the mass’s fashion sense, but we’re here to tell you we understand. We get the need to be trendy, we get the desire to be caught up in the new and exciting styles that are sweeping your world that season, so we’re excited to share with you some of 2019’s wintery trends! To make up for our transgression, though, we only included the edgiest or trends, to make it less tacky.


International fashion icons like Isabel Marant and Alberta Ferretti broke out the boots and leather this season. Incorporating strong Wild West vibes in recent designs, 2018-2019 fall saw a lot of cowgirl-themed trends coming back. Join the fun with big buckled belts, tribal prints, and wide brimmed hats.

Padded Jackets and Parkas

We’ve been seeing a lot of the 70s and 80s since the beginning of 2018, but the rising trend of uber padded jackets and oversized parkas only took flight once the weather started turning against us. Don’t be afraid to go with bright colors - go big or go home!

Eighties Shoulders

A more specific and bold statement, 80s shoulders are actually quite flattering. The widened frame gives the wearer a narrower looking waistline, and an edgy, post-modern appearance to their silhouette.

The 80s shoulder pads made a more gradual return but their continuous presence shows us we’ll be seeing more of it throughout 2019.


To go with the renewed energy in the cowgirl theme, fringes are also making a strong comeback. Even disassociated from the cowgirl aesthetic, fringes can and has upgraded many an outfit since its foray back into our world. Fashion giants like Valentino and Givenchy show us how they never let it out of style, with recurring fringing on popular evening wear.


Capes have remained a strong winter item since humans started wearing clothing, but this season they’re taking the front seat and being applied as clothing layers as well.

Capes this season are dramatic, like Alexander McQueen favors, with floor-sweeping lengths, not short and dainty, gracing the shoulders like a fragile lady of the last century.

The 60s

A more subtle throwback theme that’s been prominent in the last season or so has been 60s influences. Plaid and mustard pairings, short corduroy skirts, and tall suede boots have been making more and more of an appearance, and getting stronger by the day. Get in front of the trendy train and start incorporating bold texture matches to set the pace for trendy!

4 Modest Accessories We Cannot Live Without


Keeping it modest is all about accessorizing - knowing how to accessorize and accessorizing properly. Today we’re excited to explore the top four modest accessories in our wardrobe we simply would not be able to live without! Mostly items only a modest dresser would understand the importance of, these five accessories make or break outfits on the daily, so get your checklist and make sure you’re well supplied.

Modest Tank Tops

Modest tank tops are a severely under-stocked item. Made up of a host of proprietary materials - and plain old cotton - modest tank top makers never seem to supply retailers with enough! Modest tank tops are great for dresses that seem to have it all - but the neckline is plunging. Or for those adorable crop sweaters - especially when they have an exceedingly low neckline as well as an exposed midriff.

Modest Swimsuits

This may not seem so obvious to most, but for those of us living on the East Coast, vacations and swimming opportunities are rare and treasured. When they do come around, it’s often as a surprise, or so exciting, we forget to prepare in advance, and that’s why it’s made our list here today.

Modest swimsuit styles range from very conservative to less so, including full skirts on the bottom and long sleeves, or not. Design, of course, depends on the designer, but usually modest swimsuits are designed with the same graphic consideration more revealing swimsuits are created with, and their designs are light, cheerful, and wonderfully colorful.

Leggings / Jeggings

Popularized more recently, leggings, jeggings, and even jeans are often a fantastic alternative to tights under a skirt or dress. Particularly for more casual outfits, leggings offer a significantly more comfortable experience than tights, and an even more relaxed, casual appearance, too.

Wrap dresses, sweater dresses, and denim skirts all look especially well paired with the non-tights options. Winter’s the most important time for thicker leg protection so be sure to stockpile!

Shell Dress

Last but certainly not least, shell dresses are likely the most important item on this list. If you’re not yet familiar with shell dresses, lean in, you’ll thank us later.

Running from collarbone to wrist, and then to over the knee, a shell dress is exactly what it sounds like - a shell that is in the form of a dress. Made of breathable, comfortable materials like all other forms of shell shirts or shell skirts, the shell dress is thin and fits under any dress or top. Taking care of sleeve length, skirt length, and ensuring a closed collar, the shell dress can literally be applied under any outfit, top, bottom, or dress! It can be worn on its own (the thicker ones) under a belt, or simply with a jacket, and it’s a complete outfit in and of itself too!

Shop Modestiq to find a host of designers offering some (if not all) of these must-have accessories!