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770 Runway
770 RUNWAY is a new emerging brand from Montreal, Canada specializing in “cover it all” swimwear. All of our swimwear is manufactured in Canada using the finest print and quality fabrics in order to guarantee a fashionable design and a best fit. Our bathing suits offer the possibility to enjoy the beach and the pool without having to uncover, for whatever reason that may be. Whether it is do to a religious conviction, or wanting to protect against the sun harming uv-rays, or simply feeling more comfortable showing less skin; our line of fashionable curated designs of rashguard tops, swim leggings and swim skirts will make you feel as sexy as if you were wearing a bikini. All of our swimwear offer a UPF protection of 50+, and our fabric is designed to quickly dry. Our swimwear is not only made for the beach. Our elegant trendy multifunctional garments could also be worn at the gym as well as for a fun day at the park! More
ACORN: A vintage inspired ready to wear clothing collection
Apparalel has shot to the top of the fashion scene and with good reason! Any garment from Apparalel iguaranteed to be on trend and en vogue. From dressy pieces to casual numbers, Apparalel items are instantly recognizable for the high fashion looks they serve! Shop this trending brand for "on-fleek" pieces that you can ride the season out in! Modest fashion never looked so hip!
Aqua Modesta
As written up in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Associated Press: Aqua Modesta is the original Modest swimwear for Ladies and Girls. The line was founded by Regine Tessone who used her original training from Fashion Institute of Technology to create her unique line. The line includes the knee lenght skirt called the "skant". The skant looks like a skirt and functions as a pant. The skant allows for full mobility in activites that require extended leg movement. Aqua Modesta modest swimwear, sportswear and refined costume jewelry are all designed and manufactured proudly in the USA. Aqua Modesta where fashion and modesty meet at their very best.
Aura Bella
Hi there fellow fashion lover! You’ve come to a page where Modesty meets High Fashion. Let your Aura Bella shine through. Beautiful, Luxurious, Modest Clothing Where Luxury Meets High Fashion With Affordable Pricing.
Ava Lea Couture
What We Offer Ava Lea is a Designer Brand with a unique understanding of the Modern Woman. As a team of working mom's we get what you want to wear, what you want to portray, and how you want to feel. When you Shop Ava Lea, you aren't just buying clothes, you are buying Timeless Staples that will take you places, and keep you comfortable in the process. With Ava Lea you can keep your shoulders high and your spirit even higher, because we make shopping easy, and looking good, effortless. Why? Because We Love You. So SHOP NOW and get More DESIGNER, More COMFORT, and More SAVINGS! XOXO Ava Lea More
As a leading manufacturer and trusted source of classic modest clothing for women, teens, and children, we offer a selection of timeless styles that are easy to wear, easy to care for, and easy on your wallet. The vast majority of our collection is machine-washable and made to last season after season. Further, we manufacture our own super lightweight, ultra soft 100% cotton denims and twills and then pre-wash them, which results in minimum shrinkage and color fading. We’re proud to say that all of our garments are made of top quality fabric and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.
Beged by Raza
Beged by Raza is a unique maxi line that is both contemporary and modest. The ingenuity of design will impress you every time. Many of our Maxis are adjustable for nursing or maternity. And the plus size woman can look just as lovely in her Beged by Raza. Most important of all, all of our garments stand alone with or without our unique design characteristics. They are simply beautiful in their own right. More
Bianco Nero
Bianco Nero First in fashion! First in style! Year after year. Trusted by thousands season after season. No wonder that our brand is well known in every Jewish community all over the world! We are proud to serve our community with up to date clothing season after season. The best is still to come! Stay tuned. Happy shopping with us.
Byrd NYC
Byrd the label was established in 2015 by designer Tzippy Waltner. She started her career as a personal stylist, making her unique designs available to one client at a time. She then decided to transition into a full label making her designs available to all. Known for her stylish draped aesthetic, Tzippy manages to maintain a classic silhouette with an edge. Her collection has turned into constant audience pleasers and she is thrilled to make her designs available to all. Enjoy shopping the site and let's keep Byrd flying.
Charmanté. Suave. The definition of our brand. Filling the niche for that perfect fusion of classic elegance and contemporary trends. At Charmanté we are true to our vision of bringing you unparalleled quality and design. A name that will shape the face of modern yet modest women’s wear. Be bold. Be suave. Be Charmanté.
Chi-Chi NYC
Welcome to Chi • Chi ( noun • SHEE-SHEE: affectedly elegant or trendy) a destination dedicated to dressing modestly. Born in Brooklyn - New York, we are the brand that is evolving for a fashion world that is constantly revolving aside for high quality modest basics, we scour the market for the latest fast fashion trends so our customers can embrace their style and express their individuality of dressing yet remaining true to their values. We are here to offer you a new perspective on modest dressing by way of carefully selected and styled basics you will want to live in.
Clare Tiffany
Clаrе Tіffаnу is a Global Stуlе Destination for kіdѕ brand. With headquarters in thе beautiful Sаn Frаnсіѕсо CA, оur whіmѕісаl and rоmаntіс арраrеl collections have сарturеd the hеаrtѕ оf сuѕtоmеrѕ ѕіnсе 1999. Our Clаrе Tіffаnу collections роѕѕеѕѕ a nostalgic аnd mоdеrn appeal dеѕtіnеd tо please bоth the уоungеѕt customer and thе fashion соnѕсіоuѕ уоung tееn. Wе fеаturе a great selection оf hіgh-quаlіtу mеrсhаndіѕе and frіеndlу ѕеrvісе. Wе аlѕо have another goal: to brіng you thе bеѕt shopping еxреrіеnсе оn the Intеrnеt. Whеthеr thе occasion calls fоr a formal оr more саѕuаl lооk, the combination оf bеаutіful fаbrісѕ wіth еуе- саtсhіng dеtаіlѕ fіllѕ thе nееd fоr whаt gіrlѕ (and Moms) wаnt аn оutfіt to be: hip, but аlѕо ѕіmрlе, pretty аnd modest.
Deela Couture
DEELA @ MODESTIQ.COM We at DEELA Couture put our heart and soul into bringing you the apparel you've been needing and waiting for. Our beautiful prints and soft fabrics are sewn together to perfection, creating a look you'll love and wear with ease. Additionally all our dresses are designed with the modest woman in mind. We know how annoying it can be to wear layers and we therefore created our dresses and tops to be worn without a shell underneath. Most of our dresses and skirts have a three inch hem created to give the wearer flexibility in lengthening the dress if she so desires. We created a fashion label that has proven to be as versatile as they are: chic, comfortable and affordable with YOU in mind. You'll want to be seen wearing your DEELA dress this season.
Drama NYC Plus
Drama is a Brooklyn based company. “We pride ourselves in having a brand identity who our customers remember, love & trust! We love to communicate with our loyal customers and help them with any questions they have regarding a product, size query - or even just a friendly chat! We want our customers to feel empowered, strong and most of all confident in what they are wearing, and we feel that we correlate the right type of styles for every single one of our beautiful customers. With regular photoshoots and a passionate, supportive team, we love bringing our customers and fans fresh new styles on a regular basis, which they can covet in their wardrobe for multiple seasons to come!” Shop with us for instant, modern & on trend styles! More
Ellie Makir
ELLIE MAKIR @ MODESTIQ.COM Since a young age, I had a passion for clothing and design. My Dream is to share these timeless, luxurious pieces with you. My portfolio embodies affordable fine quality fabrics, that are both comfortable, versatile and modest, without compromising style and fashion. My commitment to you is to make Ellie Makir a lifestyle brand that brings out your confidence and beauty. More
Esteem Couture a brand that is curated to elevate you and you're closet. We strive for impeccable garment construction. We believe that a good outfit can set the tone of a women and can push her and elevate her.
Flamingo Collection
Flamingo, the bird that acclimates to both land and water with poise and grace is now available to you as apparel for both in and out of the water. Wear with equal ease as you dip into the pool and follow with a trip out to lunch. Light, airy, super soft and comfortable. Max Dry Sport fabric, 88% poly 12% spandex, sun protection 30 with the feel and look of summer.
The Freidy collection makes Brooklyn-based Modest Fashion Blogger, Styled by Freidy's timeless style accessible to all women! Simple, classic, high quality, and affordable pieces designed to fit and flatter many silhouettes. She inspires her over 28K followers around the world with her daily modest looks. Freidy took a leap of faith and began to design pieces that her followers and friends would love and feel beautiful in. All her pieces are timeless and can be worn time and time again!
Front Row Couture Outlet
FRONT ROW COUTURE @ MODESTIQ.COM!!! With two designing powerhouses, Front Row has been at the forefront of the modest women's fashion industry. Each half of the Front Row team has years of experience and a deep love for what they do, making this partnership an unparalleled, winning combination.
Gals of New York
Go Couture Modest
Go Modest is a customized line designed for the modern, modest woman by the nationally recognized brand GO COUTURE. We offer luxury modest style for the #GirlOnTheGo
Havah Tribe
After the birth of my third baby I just got tired of "making do" with nursing blankets, covers, and inconvenient clothes. As a modest mom, I felt that there has to be something out there for women like me who have multiple kids and want to enjoy motherhood. Instead of being stressed about feeding the baby everywhere I go, I went hunting for a solution. Having had very very difficult pregnancies, I was ready to just "be" again, and the wardrobe problems just added a lot of discomfort to my day. Coming Soon With New Collection
House of Lancry
House of Lancry Design focus is women and what they want to wear - each piece is cut to look beautiful from all angles, flatter and feel comfortable. A celebration of clothing and lifestyle. We are proud that all our garments are #MadeInLondon, we support local industries and by that we limit the environmental impact of long-haul imports. Our fabrics are carefully selected and sent to our studio for production. We work hard to deliver a product of the highest quality. Hannah Lancry Sufrin Founder/Designer, House of Lancry
Kiki Riki
Kikiriki is a brand that has become synonymous with affordable women's basics. We carry a wide array of Ladies' shells, tops, skirts, dresses and leggings in all your favorite colors and all available sizes! Kikiriki simply offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for the woman who wants to dress well, look good, have fun, feel great, and still, pay less! As Kikiriki we love to draw, design, manifacture and sew for this exquisite woman who cares deeply about style, and we are proud to offer her countless options combining the best and the timeless designs of Europe and America, within the days of the runway shows!
Kosher Casual
The Kosher Casual mission is to make high-quality clothing basics that are modest, affordable and comfortable - to not only look good, but to live in. We know you have a unique style and we love that, so we focus on the fashion building blocks and wardrobe essentials that you can dress up or down to seamlessly elevate and integrate with any outfit. From the perfect layering shirts to the pencil skirts you’ll want to live in, we have the tried-and-true classics that go with you season to season and trend to trend. And, we work hard to keep our costs down so being modest is both simple and affordable for all.
Le Plume
An exclusive line of high end clothing for the discerning teen. Le Plume is a line for young adults who appreciate great fashion but don't yet fit into standard adult sizing. Gorgeous tops, skirt, sweaters and dresses that are so stylish, adults are snagging these pieces for themselves! Indeed, many of our teen pieces work for adults as well. Excellent taste, cutting edge designs - all with your teen in mind.
Level Collection
LEVEL Collection: Not your ordinary modest dress, it's another LEVEL. A line of chic dresses from the Two12 Fashion House showcasing a modern and clean aesthetic.
Luxe Label
Brand New to Modestiq with a stunning line of elegant dresses made with from rich fabrics, lush textures and elegant color palettes. A collection so luxurious, it had to be called Luxe Label.
Maya's Place
Hi & Welcome to Maya's Place, Get to know who we are and how Maya's Place was born, After going to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) for Fashion Buying and Merchandizing Maya Namdar never in her life imagined she would end up running a website dedicated to modest clothing. After all, her father’s trendy and chic boutiques in Soho and Long Island, for which she did most of the merchandise purchases, didn’t exactly carry the clothes religious & modest women would ever wear! Maya grew up in a traditional Sephardic household treasuring Shabbat and holidays but was not completely observant. Sometimes life’s script doesn’t play out exactly like we expect to, and Maya’s was no exception. Several incidents in her life tested her to an extent where even most people would not know what to do. Instead of loosing herself, Maya found inspiration in her roots. Motivated by a few role models, Maya decided it was time for her to take what proved to be the most important step in her life: becoming an observant... More
Miss Finch NYC
Miss Finch NYC is a spirited fashion brand and the top "MODEST" online apparel clothing company based in the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant and world famous garment district in New York City. We choose to focus on and cater to the modern woman and her personal style choices. Selling a trendy line of the best quality modern yet modest dresses, skirts and shirts for ladies of all ages. Women who want stylish, fancy, classic, elegant, business and special occasion attire shop Miss Finch NYC. … Modest yet compelling – Miss Finch
Modest Mermaid
Shop the Modivea collection at Modestiq! Women's Wear Redefined. Elevated Classics for the fashion forward modest dresser. Modivea garments embody the perfect blend of classic construction and hip design. Modivea makes modest dressing a breeze. Their designs are always on point and can be styled to perfection in a variety of ways.
Welcome to Nicsessories! We offer a full line accessories that every girl needs in her closet. You will love our curated line of headwear, footwear, accessories and gifts - guaranteed! Our "not so basic" basics are perfect for every style and every-day wear, along with our large variety of items that can take you from day to night. With a carefully handpicked selection, there's something for everyone!
PARNI @ MODESTIQ.COM!!! Parni Design is an emerging brand that has already left its mark on the modest apparel industry! Parni pieces are instantly recognizable for their crisp designs and clean, sleek aesthetics. When investing in wardrobe staples, why not do it right and shop Parni?
PASHMINA COLLECTION on MODESTIQ.COM !! Glamorous, timeless, and sophisticated, the Pashmina dress is the perfect staple piece to wear on-the-go for any daytime or evening event. The Pashmina dress is diligently designed to highlight every woman’s natural beauty and to inspire confidence, style, and elegance. Read more about our brand values.
private label skirts, tops and dresses
Powder Couture
About the Brand As I created my collection, trying to name it brought me back to my first recollection of fashion. Twirling in my new dress, not older than 5 years old, I asked my grandmother if she thought the dress made me look beautiful. My grandmother replied: “For sure, but it’s not the dress, it’s la percha” – “Percha” meaning a hanger in Spanish. She was saying how she thought her granddaughter was beautiful because of herself and not because of what she was wearing. What I heard then, was “La Pelcha” and for me, this is the definition of beauty. As Yves St Laurent was once quoted saying: “What is important in the dress is the woman who is wearing it”. And this is what we aim to do, making each and every woman’s own “Pelcha” shine out by offering garments designed for their standard The Designer THE DESIGNER Born and raised in Paris, France, I grew up with a love for design and fashion. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Arts from... More
Project 6 NY
ABOUT PROJECT 6 Meet Project 6, the unconventionally bold soul-child of designer Shaindy Backer. A transitional ready-to-wear collection with as much poise and grace as edge and malleability, Project 6 redefines the classic notion of femininity. Here, airy cuts and square, asymmetrical shapes take a turn toward unexpected drapery, revealing a refreshing departure from skin-taut slips. Exposing only the striking simplicity of womanhood, Backer’s free-spirited collection offers flowing, artistic, versatile pieces that effortlessly carry from day to night. “It’s about the art of femininity,” says Backer. “I want to show women that it’s not about displaying their bodies to the world, but rather presenting the viewers with a beautiful story. Project 6 is meant to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality.” Backer’s collection offers a vast range of possibilities, with apparel ranging from daywear basics (such as frocks, tunics and dresses) to statement pieces (such as asymmetrical hemmed... More
Shop Ricciel's highly versatile line of essential wardrobe basics. From skirts, to tops, to dresses - Ricciel is recognized as a leader in the modest fashion industry. Pieces by Ricciel are trendy, yet classic and can be put away for the next season to come, because good taste is timeless. Modest. Fashionable. We Don't Compromise On Either.
Sami New York
Mix high style with ease and comfort and you get SAMI NY Clothing. So comfortable, you'll want to wear them all day and cozy up in on the sofa at night. Clothes that are easy to throw on, easy to wear, and easy to clean. We tested our fabrics at home and ensured quality workmanship during the production process to ensure that our clothes will last through repeated wearings and washings. So you can rest easy because we thought of everything - and Happy Shopping!
Sara Navon
SARA NAVON @ MODESTIQ.COM! Modest high end ladies fashion & designs. Classic Silhouettes re-imagined with a fresh modern twist. Sara Navon has truly mastered the art of combining bold design with soft,feminine details. Need fabric for length? Sara Navon brand offers FREE extra fabric. Contact us for more details.
Sarah Lauren
I focus on creating unique, elegant and modest garments, I am greatly inspired by various royal families across Europe. Besides their nobility, there is something about these princesses that I admire far more: their dignity and modesty. Of course, each has her own style, however modesty is always present – they dress and behave in a manner that is “Fit for a Princess”. Regardless of today’s trends and fads, many of which I do admire and am inspired by, I want to be a timeless and elegant woman, both inside and out. I also want to inspire more women to adopt this mindset, and provide an avenue to make this possible, by creating garments that are Fit for a Princess. Sarah L. Martin Coming Soon More
Shoshana Rose
Shoshana R ose was designed for the extreme multi-tasker who needs to make one less decision in the morning. She's someone who appreciates being able to throw something easy and comfortable on that will take her through her daily journeys. At Shoshana Rose , we feel that it's important to have access to quality athleisure wear at an affordable price. Meticulous with fit and overachieving on feel, we've sourced the softest cotton fabric to cover the body in all the right places with just the right amount of spandex that stretches with every move. Packable and versatile, its perfect for travelling, as a cover-up to the gym or for those work at home or errand days.
Snoga Athletics
Modest activewear
The heritage of the brand spawns from a powerful woman of the 1800’s who stood up for her beliefs despite society’s standards. Her name was SOLIKA. Founded in 2013, based in Los Angeles, SOLIKA was created by designer friends Chaya and Sarah with a mission to empower women all over the world. Focusing on minimalist designs, each piece is expertly crafted, creating stylish and timeless experiences. Every collection has a distinct palette; whether it’s a pop of color or soft nudes, the details are kept tonal – letting style and fabrication create the vibe. Although the aesthetics of the line are detailed with simplicity, the message is bold – the purpose is to empower women to share their beauty and confidence through modest clothing.
Studio D.
STUDIO D COLLECTION @ MODESTIQ.COM!! Shop the Studio D Collection for a variety of high end fashion pieces that reflect excellent taste, couture touches and all around good style. All of our looks are easy to wear and feature classic design elements, which flatter the figure. Find a look you love from Studio D today!
THIRD BY CEE @ MODESTIQ.COM!!! Curiosity. That’s what brought you here. But curiosity has another meaning. It means something rare. Something novel. Something interesting. That’s us. And what makes us so is our ability to weave so many, and often disparate, core fashion values. We’re talking values like quality, style, price, and modesty. And we’re not willing to compromise one iota on any of them. We’re proud of our unique designs crafted for the discerning woman. We’re proud of our quality materials culled from the finest the world has to offer. We’re proud of our commitment to make our products right here in the USA. We’re proud of our relationship with you – our most valuable asset. In all, we’re proud to be a curiosity. So yes, curiosity is a good thing. Especially when you are one. More
Two12 Fashion
Based in Lakewood, New Jersey, Two12 Fashion was founded in 2013 by designer Aaron Weiner. Two 12 Fashion is fast becoming known as one of the premier modest women’s couture brands; espousing the highest quality materials, on-trend designs and affordable prices.
Unaya Collection
Unaya Collection, Designed in Brooklyn, NYC. Women's tops, skirts, and dresses. Beautiful, Luxurious and Modest Clothing!!
Wear and Flair
Known for their elevated basics and reasonable price points, Wear and Flair is one of the most visible ladies modest apparel brands in the industry. Wear and Flair garments are manufactured in the heart of the Garment District in the fashion capital of New York City. From Tops, to skirts, to dress and more, this label covers all the bases. Ladies, plus size and maternity are all included in the line. Wear and Flair garments are as comfortable as they are stylish and will leave you wondering why you would ever need to spend more or shop anywhere else!
Yal New York
Our company YAL NY was established in 2014 by a family who cares deeply about the modesty of women, who honor their bodies by dressing themselves with dignity and purity, but at the same time who strike a balance with religious requirements in a fashionable way that aligns with their modern day attitude. We provide quality and affordable apparel that is modest and pleasurable to wear. Within our line you can find beautiful below the knees dresses, skirts, sweaters and tops. Our lines are geared toward a range of generations and tastes, and thus provide our clientele with a variety of styles, colors, shapes, fabrics and prints. Coming Soon With New Collection