Powder Couture

About the Brand

As I created my collection, trying to name it brought me back to my first recollection of fashion.

Twirling in my new dress, not older than 5 years old, I asked my grandmother if she thought the dress made me look beautiful. My grandmother replied: “For sure, but it’s not the dress, it’s la percha” – “Percha” meaning a hanger in Spanish. She was saying how she thought her granddaughter was beautiful because of herself and not because of what she was wearing.

What I heard then, was “La Pelcha” and for me, this is the definition of beauty. As Yves St Laurent was once quoted saying: “What is important in the dress is the woman who is wearing it”.

And this is what we aim to do, making each and every woman’s own “Pelcha” shine out by offering garments designed for their standard

The Designer


Born and raised in Paris, France, I grew up with a love for design and fashion.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Arts from F.I.T, I went on to open my very own evening gown line, “La Pelcha”. However, I felt I needed some more experience and I started working in the Fashion district in Manhattan as an assistant designer for a popular woman’s clothing line. There, I learned the in’s and out’s of fashion and grew to love my career path even more.

My next step was to become a designer and I secured a position in children’s apparel company as the main designer. Yet, after getting married and creating my own wedding dress as well as my sisters’ dresses, I realized I was longing for the beauty and dreaminess of evening gowns.

From there on, Powder by La Pelcha became a reality of beauty.

Giving Back

Giving back:

We commit to giving back to those less fortunate in our community, who cannot afford the luxury of gowns for their events.
We believe that every woman, regardless of her financial abilities should feel beautiful on their happiest day, whether it is marrying off a child, a grand-child or a sibling.

Our donated dresses are like new as they have been tried on only a few times by different customers. Once a season is over and new dresses come in, we donate them to the charity of our choice to spread the joy and beauty.