Pink Knit Cascading Crystal Top

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hey say Happy girls, are the Prettiest girls. We say, Happy girls in Pink, well there's really nothing quite like it. If ever there was an embrace of heaven, this top would be the result. The cut is so sublime, it makes you feel like your floating on clouds. Note to wearer, you are not actually floating on clouds, you cannot actually fly, however this top does have an effect of that sort on its wearer. So whether you are going to a Party, Date, or just out, this top will take you places.

Model is 5'9"/ wearing size XS

This top runs large, size down once. Fabric is a slight fleeced knit, and is so so so comfy.

Care Info: Gentle wash on Cold- Do Not Bleach. Hang to dry. Do Not Tumble Dry.- Do to the Bead-work, make sure wash is super delicate otherwise, wash by hand.

ALWAYS wash new garments that have multiple colors with 1 Cup of Vinegar or 1/2 Cup of Salt to set the colors. This will make sure the colors do not run into each other, In addition you can wash with a Shout Color-Catcher Sheets- this will trap extraneous dyes and prevent color bleeding