Pencil Skirt - Color Options

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A great 2 in 1 reversible pencil skirt by Ava Lea!

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Our pencil skirts have the elegance of being pencil and the comfort of not showing to much, perfectly shaped.

And for those of you that are not sold yet, here is the final hit, this skirt is knit, made of 100% PIMA Cotton, is so soft and comfy, and washes in the Machine!

We know, why didn't we make more than 2 color options...... send us reviews, and there is always the possibility of more to come.

Care Info: Gentle wash on Cold- First ever cycle use Vinegar or Salt, see instructions below. Do Not Bleach. Dry Flat. Do Not Tumble dry.

ALWAYS wash new garments that have multiple colors with 1 Vinegar or 1/2 Cup of Salt to set the colors. This will make sure the colors do not run into each other, In addition you can wash with a Shout Color-Catcher Sheets- this will trap extraneous dyes and prevent color bleeding

XS 27.5 25
S 29.5 25
M 31.5 25
L 33.5 25.5
XL 35.5 26